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Now available from stock, a range of high quality lubricant products -available in multiples of 1000. These lubricants are manufactured by Ironsides Lubricants and Proventus UK and packed by Lubepack in handy single dose sachets.

Sales will be by Pro Forma Invoice (available here). In Sterling or Euro. Minimum order of any one product is 1000 pieces. Orders in excess of 10,000 pieces, of any one product, by quotation only. Freight outside of Europe will also be by quotation only.

Anti Seize Compound Protects Metal Parts Against: Seizure, Heat, Rust, Corrosion, Acid water. Helps Prevent Disc Brake Squeal.

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Silicone Compound. Lubrication & Insulation Against Water & Corrosion of Electrical Contacts, Pumps, Seating Rings, Lighting, Ignition Modules/Electronic Sensors, Switch Gear, Junction Boxes, Cables & Valves.

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Bearing Grease. A Highly versatile multi purpose grease. Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance. High degree of corrosion protection.

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Grease for CV Joints. CV Joint Grease is a premium quality grease enhanced by the addition of molybdenum disulphide. Widely used in Constant Velocity Joints in the automotive and industrial sectors.

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